Safety Measures and Operational Safety PracticesWhat We Do to Ensure Your Safety

Star Marine Co. Ltd. is a group of maritime professionals specializing in boat towing and salvage operations for sunken ships.
Established more than ten years ago, our tour cruises have been accident-free since.
To prioritize your safety, we have established strict standards for regular inspections, maintenance checks, and thorough assessments of weather conditions, adhering to them in our daily operations.

●Pre-Departure Checks and Maintenance

  • ・In accordance with legal requirements, we meticulously inspect critical components like the boat engines before every operation, maintaining detailed records in inspection logs.
  • ・Before setting sail, we brief passengers on the day's sea conditions and provide sufficient life jackets for the vessel's capacity.

●Evaluation of Weather Conditions

  • ・Following safety regulations, we assess weather conditions before operation.
  • ・Each morning, we check the sky, sea, and tide conditions at our observation points (1-2 locations) and consult TV and reliable sources (5 companies) to make informed decisions about whether it is safe to operate.

●Improved Communication with Other Vessels

  • ・Our vessels have robust communication systems with our onshore operations manager and our other vessels. (*) We always have three or more vessels available to depart at any time.
    *Other than boats for tours, we also own multiple fishing boats and small work boats.
  • ・We conduct radio tests in our operating area in response to requests from telecommunications companies, ensuring seamless communication through NTT's network. We use mobile phones to communicate at sea, a system approved by the Japan Craft Inspection Organization.
  • ・We are aware of the communication methods of nearby fishing boats (individuals, etc.) and keep them informed of our route before departure and during operations.