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Cape Chikyu Cruise

An expansive natural panorama
unfolding before your eyes

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Visit the diverse landscapes
outside an industrial city

Cliffs stretching into the distance, beautiful sandy beaches, and the magnificent Pacific Ocean.
Another facet of Muroran, the city of iron, formed by the tectonic uplift of an ancient undersea volcano, exists outside the port.
There, you can find diverse nature spread across the land, a reminder of the workings of the Earth that has continued since prehistoric times.

Cape Chikyu,
a lighthouse atop
a towering cliff

Cape Chikyu is a tourist spot that is a symbol of Hokkaido, and placed first in the "100 best natural spots of Hokkaido". The pure white lighthouse on the rock face is a sight that can only be seen from the clear blue sea. Its beauty is simply breathtaking.

A landscape sculpted by nature

Seen from the sea, the coastline is lined with fantastically-shaped rock formations that unfold before your eyes like sculptures.
You can see the Eight Views of Muroran, which are popular sightseeing spots, and Pirikanoka, a Place of Scenic Beauty and a nationally designated cultural property, one after the other, on a cruise packed full of excitement!

The Eight Views
of Muroran

The Eight Views of Muroran are eight scenic spots that are symbols of Muroran. The Cape Chikyu cruise takes visitors to six locations via sea, including Daikoku Island, which is overflowing with natural beauty, and Kinbyobu and Ginbyobu.

The Eight Views of Muroran
(Official Muroran Tourist
Information Site)
Pirikanoka -
Place of
Scenic Beauty

4 areas of this 14-kilometer long coastline with cliffs standing over 100 meters tall have been designated as a national cultural property: "Place of Scenic Beauty Pirikanoka, Etomo Peninsula Coastline". Enjoy the diverse landscapes to your heart's content while immersing yourself in history.

Pirikanoka -
Place of Scenic Beauty
(Official Muroran Tourist
Information Site)
Daikoku Island

The Eight Views of Muroran

Daikoku Island is a small island with a circumference of roughly 700m and an area of 2.4ha that is located at the entrance of Muroran Port. You can also see the old Muroran Lighthouse from here.

Cape Etomo

The Eight Views of Muroran

The word "etomo" comes from the Ainu word for protrusion and refers to a cape (enrumu). Cape Etomo is also renowned for its indigenous ruins.


The Eight Views of Muroran

Pirikanoka - Place of Scenic Beauty

The sharp rock faces of Ginbyobu glow lustrous silver in sunlight. Together with Kinbyobu, located near Tokkarisho, it is one of the Eight Views of Muroran.


Pirikanoka - Place of Scenic Beauty

Harukaramoi means a cove for gathering food in the Ainu language. A cave known as Afunluparo (mouth of the entrance) can be seen in the middle of a nearby cliff.

Masuichi Beach

The Eight Views of Muroran

Pirikanoka - Place of Scenic Beauty

Masuichi Beach is a cove lined with strange rock formations. A large archaeological site discovered on this beach helped show that the indigenous people lived by hunting.


Houraimon is the largest of the strange rock formations in the surrounding area. The rock formation is in the unusual shape of a gate, making it a striking feature.

Cape Chikyu

The Eight Views of Muroran

Pirikanoka - Place of Scenic Beauty

Cape Chikyu is a scenic spot where the contrast between the blue sea and the white lighthouse combines for a breathtakingly beautiful sight. It is also renowned as a nesting site for peregrine falcons.


The Eight Views of Muroran

The cliff faces of Kinbyobu glows golden in the morning sun. Together with Ginbyobu, located near Harukaramoi, it is one of the Eight Views of Muroran.


The Eight Views of Muroran

Pirikanoka - Place of Scenic Beauty

The varied, expansive landscape is broken by rocks created through the tectonic uplift of a volcano. Tokkarisho is the Ainu word for seal/rock.

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April to November


Dolphin watching will be prioritized from June to August.
Please note that we may not be able to accept reservations for Cape Chikyu cruises depending on availability.

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